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Analysis of Current Practices of Organizing the Export of Medical Services in the United Kingdom, Italy, South Korea and China

Issue № 1 | 2020 (39)

DOI: https://doi.org/10.31556/2219-0678.2020.39.1.030-042 meta


Aim of the study. Analysis of medical tourism’s organizational features based on the example of the large medical organizations in the United Kingdom, South Korea, Italy and China.

Materials and methods. The data were collected by the authors by interviewing the heads of medical organizations and their deputies in the United Kingdom, South Korea, Italy and China (3–4 respondents per medical organization) using the developed questionnaire to identify the main mechanisms and tools for organizing the export of medical services. SWOT-analysis (Strengths; Weaknesses; Opportunities; Threats) was performed in order to comprehensively evaluate the received information.

Results. Along with weaknesses and threats that slow down the development of medical services exports, strengths (internal factors) and opportunities ( external factors) that contribute to the development of medical tourism were also identified: the widespread popularity of the brand of medical organizations abroad which is associated with the provision of premium medical services; versatility and ability to conduct high-tech surgical operations; the presence of a separate premium class building and an international department for working with foreign patients and promoting a medical organization in the world market; well-established business relationships with assistance companies; foreign medical personnel who speak foreign languages and possess necessary skills to treat foreign patients; developed electronic medical care system; developed system of quality control of medical care; the presence of branches in other countries; the presence of a medical visa in the system of legislation; established cooperation with many countries at the embassy level; state licensing and accreditation for the provision of medical services to foreign citzens; the availability of a state website on the provision of medical assistance to foreign citizens; the possibility of the age of value added tax.

Conclusion. We identified main patterns in the organization of export of medical services that can be applied to develop this direction in medical organizations of the Russian Federation during the analysis the strengths and weaknesses of four large medical organizations abroad, as well as external factors that affect the work of these medical organizations.


medical tourism, medical services export, medical information system, international department of a medical organization.

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Daykhes A.N., Reshetnikov V.A., Manerova O.A., Mikhailov I.A. Analysis of Current Practices of Organizing the Export of Medical Services in the United Kingdom, Italy, South Korea and China. Medical technologies. Assessment and Choice. 2020; (1):30–42. DOI: 10.31556/2219-0678.2020.39.1.030-042