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Comprehensive Assessment of Drug Consumption as a Basis for Pharmacotherapy Optimization

Issue № 3 | 2019 (37)

DOI: https://doi.org/10.31556/2219-0678.2019.37.3.022-031 meta


This article describes the rationale for methodology of comprehensive assessment of drug consumption in real clinical practice. The proposed methodology includes three stages: 1) epidemiological monitoring – disease epidemiology assessment; assessment of the role of factors leading to the disease; 2) pharmacoepidemiological monitoring – assessment of pharmacotherapy in real clinical practice; clinical efficacy analysis of drugs; cost-effectiveness analysis; 3) long-term clinical and economical evaluation of various treatment options. Comprehensive assessment of drug consumption should result in optimal pharmacotherapy regimens, decrease of the drug load, increasing of the therapy effectiveness and cost reduction. The scheme of comprehensive assessment of drug consumption is universal and can be used for clinical guidelines development, treatment standards, for the optimal formation of drugs lists at the federal level. Separate stages and sub-steps of an integrated assessment also can be used at the territorial and local levels, medical institution, to optimize pharmacotherapy.


comprehensive assessment of drug consumption, epidemiological monitoring, pharmacoepidemiological monitoring, optimal pharmacotherapy regimens, drugs prescription and consumption audit.

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Zhukova O.V. Comprehensive assessment of drug consumption as a basis for pharmacotherapy optimization. 2019;(3):22–31. DOI: 10.31556/2219-0678.2019.37.3.022-031