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Measures for the Development of Medical Additive Technologies in the Russian Federation

Issue № 2 | 2019 (36)

DOI: https://doi.org/10.31556/2219-0678.2019.36.2.010-015 meta


Three-dimensional printing has several significant advantages over traditional methods of production: simplification and acceleration of the production process, versatility, low cost and a few others. As a result, additive technologies have quickly become a highly promising area with great potential in many areas of human activity, finding more and more points of application. Medicine is no exception. The development of three-dimensional printing in the field of medicine can not only solve a few pressing health problems, but also stimulate the progress of technology. To date, three-dimensional medical printing is used in the following areas: individual prostheses both temporary and permanent wear, surgical instruments, simulation manuals for training medical students and preoperative training of surgeons. Of interest is the joint application of additive technologies with cellular technologies – bioprinting. Despite its great potential, this activity is not sufficiently regulated, which is a serious obstacle to its development. The introduction into practice of the principles proposed in this work of the device and functioning of a specialized service – laboratory of additive medical production – should solve this problem and contribute to the rapid development of medical three-dimensional printing in the Russian Federation.


additive technologies, medical production, 3D printing, healthcare organization, import substitution.

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Prikhodko A.A., Vinogradov R.A., Vakhrushev S.G. Measures for the Development of Medical Additive Technologies in the Russian Federation. Medical Technologies. Assessment and Choice. 2019; 2 (36): 10–15.