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To the Problem of Increased Efficiency in Health Care Strategic Management

Issue № 1 | 2019 (35)

DOI: https://doi.org/10.31556/2219-0678.2019.35.1.050-055 meta


Introduction. Modern health care is a leader in the social sector in terms of the number of public-private partnership projects. Monitoring of the implementation of strategic projects proves that the targets on the key indicators of the road map are reached. However, experts give a negative assessment
of the availability and quality of medical care.

Methods. The article describes the experience of using the balanced scorecard as an instrument for linking the key health care indicators and performance indicators of individual health facilities. Principles underlying cohesion and balance of the separate elements of the system are justified. Methods for identifying a statistically significant causal relationship between indicators are analyzed. A general model for the assessment of the attainment of the strategic goals by taking into account the three-level healthcare system is proposed.

Results. The presented details on the structure of indicators could be used by managers of health facilities for the development of their own strategies. The article concluded that further specification on the methodology of obtaining objective information to assess the success in health care strategic management is necessary.


strategic management; efficiency; a health facility; evaluation; factors; balanced scorecard.

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Dvojnikov S.I., Arhipova S.V. To the Problem of Increased Efficiency in Health Care Strategic Management. Medical Technologies. Assessment and Choice. 2019; 1(35): 50–55.