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Development of Prevention Strategies for Non-Communicable Diseases

Issue № 1 | 2019 (35)

DOI: https://doi.org/10.31556/2219-0678.2019.35.1.043-049 meta


The European region WHO policy on the prevention of non-communicable diseases, and also the development of national efforts to combat non-communicable diseases in the Russian Federation, are considered in the article. The strategic directions in the evolvement of the prevention of non-communicable diseases are described from the middle of the XX century until now. The relevance of scheduled preventive activities with the population and identification of effective ways to implement the prevention strategies, to diagnose at earlier stages and to reduce the impact of behavioral risk factors for the non-communicable diseases are justified. The need for further developments in the work on the formation of a healthy lifestyle, active involvement of each individual in the process of the formation of a responsible attitude to the health are proved.


prevention of non-communicable diseases, risk factors, health promotion, the formation of a healthy lifestyle.

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Zadvornaya O.L., Borisov K.N. Development of Prevention Strategies for Non-Communicable Diseases. Medical Technologies. Assessment and Choice. 2019; 1(35): 43–49.