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The Safety of Patients in Surgery. Part 1: Conceptual Basis of the Problem

Issue № 4 | 2018 (34)

DOI: https://doi.org/10.31556/2219-0678.2018.34.4.047-055 meta


The article is devoted to the search for the fundamental bases for the effective solution of the problem of the safety of surgical patients (SSP), which becomes a key direction in improving the surgical services of each medical organization. The definition of SSP is proposed as a complex concept combining progressive educational, clinical and managerial technologies aimed at preventing the negative consequences of surgical treatment, based on their internal connections and general development prospects. This allowed to justify the implementation of an integrated approach to its solution in practice.
Obligatory components of the organizational structure of such an approach are: informational-legal, educational-motivational, surgical (perioperative), control-administrative and organizational. The necessary technological processes for this are considered by the authors: standardization, creation of a single legal and educational platform for all subjects of medical law, personnel management, the process principle of technology implementation, risk management, improvement of information support. The unity of the components and elements of the SSP program is harmonized with the principle of mutual potentiation of their specific requirements, which are consistent with the main goal – the restoration of the patient’s health.


patient safety, surgery, conceptual framework, integrated approach, system organization, program.

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Karsanov A. M., Polunina N. V., Gogichaev T. K. The Safety of Patients in Surgery. Part 1: Conceptual Basis of the Problem. Medical Technologies. Assessment and Choice. 2018; 4(34): 47–55.