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Advantages of Digital Radiography in Improving the Efficiency of Radiology Departments

Issue № 32 | 2018 (2)

DOI: https://doi.org/10.31556/2219-0678.2018.32.2.060-066 meta


Objective of the study: to evaluate the efficiency of digital radiography at the departments of radiology in Moscow city medical organizations.

Methods. We compared the costs of material resources used in the process of analogous and digital radiography in 2015 in one of the average Moscow city outpatient clinic. Only variable costs were taken into account, i.e. the costs directly depending on the volume of services. The cost of X-ray equipment was not considered, since it was purchased centrally for all municipal organizations, without using the financial resources of medical organizations. At the same time, we considered the cost of a purchased digital image conversion system (digitizer), which is available to every medical organization at the expense of both budgetary and own funds. We analyzed the costs of analogous images and the costs of images provided with the use of digital equipment (digitizer) during 2015 in a single outpatient clinic in Moscow, as well as in all outpatient clinics of the Moscow City Healthcare Department. The number of diagnostic tests was derived from the statistical surveillance form from the year 2015.

Results. The current costs for each analog image are almost 2 times higher than those of the image made with the use of digitizing equipment (digitizers). Therefore, the savings of consumables, and financial resources in general would be 1,019,528.40 rubles. When comparing the material costs for X-ray images made in all Moscow outpatient clinics the financial savings for consumables would be about 140.0 million rubles. We assumed that all film shots were made with the help of existing developing machines and there is an opportunity to replace them with digitizers. The cost savings after replacing one machine would be 158.5 thousand rubles, after replacing 612 automatic machines (in outpatient clinics) – 97,0 million rubles, and after replacing all 862 machines in Moscow – 136.6 million rubles.


analog radiography, digital radiography, radiology, digitizers.

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Udakova S. I., Morozov S. P., Vetsheva N. N., Kim K. A. Advantages of Digital Radiography in Improving the Efficiency of Radiology Departments. Medical Technologies. Assessment and Choice. 2018; 2(32): 60–66. (In Russ.).