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Approaches to the Definition of Specialized High-Tech Medical Care

Issue № 32 | 2018 (2)

DOI: https://doi.org/10.31556/2219-0678.2018.32.2.042-047 meta


Introduction. The innovative medical technologies are one of the main factors explaining the growth of health care expenditure in all countries. The objective of the state healthcare policy is to find the optimal balance between the availability of new treatments for the population and limited budgets, while stimulating the development of innovative medical technologies. The access to the newest and often expensive methods of treatment in Russia is provided by updating the list of specialized high-tech medical care provided free of charge under the Program of State Guarantees of Free Medical Care.

Methods. The authors examine approaches to the introduction of new medical technologies into clinical practice, including those developed within the framework of clinical approbation, as well as approaches to the formation of lists of specialized high-tech medical care based on the analysis of the current regulatory framework. They give an expert assessment of the applicability of the Order of the Ministry of Health of Russian Federation for updating the lists of high-tech medical care.

Results. The criteria for evaluating the methods of specialized medical care should be clear (without the possibility of double interpretation), measurable (have specific values) and objective (regardless of the level of the medical organization that provides the method of treatment). In order to implement a unified approach to the formation of diagnostic-related groups, a single set of parameters characterizing the methods of specialized medical care should be provided. National Nomenclature of Medical Services should be used for coding the methods. Methods of high-tech medical care included into DRG
must be clearly described in the normative documents that determine the organization of their delivery, the structure of medical care and its scope.


clinical approbation, high-tech medical care, specialized medical care, method of treatment.

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Obukhova O. V., Brutova A. S., Dergachev A. V., Bazarova I. N. Approaches to the Definition of Specialized High-Tech Medical Care.
Medical Technologies. Assessment and Choice. 2018; 2(32): 42–47. (In Russ.).