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Telemedicine: a Step to the Future of Health Care

Issue № 30 | 2017 (4)


Most countries today actively implement electronic health care technologies including telemedicine. Telemedicine has already increased the availability of medical care for the population of remote areas, the elderly, and the patients with reduced mobility. It also improved the quality of care due to counselling sessions between regional hospitals and leading medical centers. According to economic studies conducted in the U.S., Japan, and other countries, telemedicine has a significant economic potential both for the budget of health care system and for patients. There are examples of successful telemedicine projects in Russia. The use of the best foreign experience makes it possible to integrate telemedicine technologies into medical practice.


telemedicine, electronic health care, foreign experience, efficiency.

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Lemeshko V. A., Teptsova T. S. Telemedicine: a Step to the Future of Health Care. Medical Technologies. Assessment and Choice. 2017; 4(30): 30–38.