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International Practices in Funding of Health Care System

Issue № 28 | 2017 (2)


A reform of medical care delivery is now conducted in the Russian health care system. It is largely connected with the growth of personal expenditures of patients on medical services, which requires the implementation of legal mechanisms of co-funding of medical care. The article analyses the international practices in health care funding, which may be of utmost importance to solve this task.


health care model, health care system, co-funding of medical care, co-payments, medical co-insurance, funding and organization of medical care, sources of funding of health care, international practices.

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Lukyantseva D. V., Tatarinov A. P., Melnikova L. S. International Practices in Funding of Health Care System. Medical Technologies. Assessment and Choice. 2017; 2(28): 20–29.