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Optimization of the health financing system: an overview of survey results

Issue № 24 | 2016 (2)


The financial stabilization of health care system and the improvement of the its quality and availability for the population is a very important issue in Russia. Today, less than 3.4% of public funds are spent on health care, which makes it difficult to meet basic needs for medical drugs, products and services, not to mention the access to novel methods of treatment and medical technologies. This situation is complicated by the fact that a significant part of the resources devoted to health care (20-40% according to expert estimations) is used inefficiently. In conditions of economic slowdown, the Russian government have to improve the effectiveness of health care spending. The important tools for this are the optimization of the model of health care funding, the search for additional financial resources,as well as the implementation of more effective methods of administration and delivery of medical services.


model of health care, health care system, fundingand organization of health care, sources of financing of health care, subjects and objects of health care, tariff setting, definition of the requirements for health care organizations, quality control in health care, principles of organization of the insurance-based model of funding of health care.

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Tatarinov A.P., Melnikova L.S. Optimization of the health financing system: an overview of survey results. Medical Technologies. Assessment and Choice. 2016; 2(24): 41–57.