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Transparency of Regulatory Data in Governing of Medicinal Products

Issue № 24 | 2016 (2)


Informed decision-making is an essential element of any justified decision. This is based on transparency and openness which allow for efficient operation of the medicinal products circulation system and constitutes essential elements of the latter. Various mechanisms are intended to ensure transparency and openness. In many cases they are contained in legal acts governing medicinal products. In this paper, important means of communication between main participants of the system are described, including rules of decision-making, access to information, policy-making, and proportionate dialogue. Where system is based on these rules, it efficiently satisfies public health needs and those of healthcare system, as well as ensures high performance of bona fide manufacturers and other members of the pharmaceutical industry.


social control, transparency, openness, public health protection, public disclosure, competition.

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Niyazov R. R. Transparency of Regulatory Data in Governing of Medicinal Products. Medical Technologies. Assessment and Choice. 2016; 2(24): 22–34.