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Methods of Payment for Emergency Medical Services

Issue № 23 | 2016 (1)


According to the Federal law № 323-FZ «On the principles of health care of the citizens of the Russian Federation» of 21 November 2011 (Law № 323-FZ), emergency medical services (EMS), except for specialized sanitary aeronautic EMS, is funded from the compulsory health insurance (CHI) starting with 1 January 2013. Since the beginning of 2014, the Program of state guarantees of free medical care for the citizens stipulates per capita funding with payments for emergency calls as the method of payment for EMS delivered outside of medical organizations (except for specialized sanitary-aeronautic EMS). However, the analysis of current territorial programs of state guarantees revealed a significant difference between these programs and the federal program in respect of methods of payment for EMS. Therefore, changes in Russian health care legislation require choosing and implementing the most appropriate method of payment for EMS with consideration for peculiarities of functioning of EMS facilities, and consumer demand for this type of medical care.


compulsory medical insurance, territorial programs of state guarantees, per capita funding.

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Obukhova O.V., Kadyrov F.N., Brutova A.S., Bazarova I.N. Methods of Payment for Emergency Medical Services. Medical Technologies. Assessment and Choice. Оценка и выбор. 2016; 1(23): 35–44.