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Wilhelm Roentgen and his X-rays

Issue № 22 | 2015 (4)


Before the greatest discovery of Wilhelm Roentgen doctors, in diagnosing and determining the treatment tactics, could only use the method of exterior examination. Being equipped with X-ray radiation, they were able to look – in the literal meaning of the word – inside the patient, the patient being alive. It was a genuine gift for all – doctors and their patients. Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen was one of the most noble and unselfish people in the history of science. He could have received a lot of money for his discovery, but understanding its importance he just preferred to present the mankind with his wonderful X-rays.


Roentgen Wilhelm Konrad, X-rays, computer-aided tomography.

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Opimakh I.V. Wilhelm Roentgen and his X-rays. Medical Technologies. Assessment and Choice. 2015; 4(22): 71–75.