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Innovative Drugs in the System of Preferential Drug Supply

Issue № 3 | 2015 (21)


The article is devoted to the problems of budget allocation and financing innovative drugs. It reflects the main concept of innovations in pharmaceutical industry and prospects of developing national innovative drugs. The article conducts the examination of restrictive lists based, as an example, on three subjects of the RF and shows the possibility of reallocation of budget resources in favour of purchasing innovative drugs. Within the framework of these lists there were considered risk sharing agreements between payers and the industry and expansion of patients’ access to expensive innovative drugs.


innovative drugs, examination of lists of medicines, health technology assessment, risk share, HTA, risk sharing agreements, RSA.

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Dzanaeva A.V., Omelyanovskiy V.V., Kagermazova S.A. Innovative Drugs in the System of Preferential Drug Supply. Medical Technologies. Assessment and Choice. 2015; 3(21): 41–46.