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Introduction to Economic Evaluation of Health Technologies

Issue № 3 | 2014 (17)


Economic evaluation is an accepted method for the appraisal of health technologies. This review article aims to provide an introduction to the methodology of the health economic evaluation of a health technology. Attention is paid to defining the fundamental concepts and terms related to health technology assessment, health economics and pharmacoeconomics. The article describes the methodology underlining health outcomes and costs, pros and cons of different types of economic studies and a review of economic evaluation methods. Key references are provided for those who wish for a more advance understanding of health economic assessment.


health economics, health technology assessment, outcomes, cost, economic evaluation methods and types of economic studies.

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Djalalov S.Ch., Djalalova D.K., Hoch J.S. Introduction to Economic Evaluation of Health Technologies. Medical Technologies. Assessment and Choice. 2014; 3(17): 10–17.