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Model Conceptialization in Health Technology Assessment

Issue № 2 | 2014 (16)


The development of model for use in health technology assessment begins with an understanding of the clinical problem and basic concept of the research question. The goal of this paper is to introduce best practices for model conceptualization. The conceptualization process has two separate components: 1) the conceptualization of the problem and 2) the conceptualization of the model. Recommendations are made regarding the statement of the clinical problem, perspective and target population of the model, selection of comparators, time horizon, valuing outcomes, unit of representation, interaction between individuals and other model components.


modeling, conceptualization, methods, state-transition model, discrete event simulation dynamic transition model.

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Djalalov S.Ch., Djalalova D.K., Hoch J.S. Model Conceptialization in Health Technology Assessment. Medical Technologies. Assessment and Choice. 2014; 2(16): 16–22.