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Funding Innovative Health Care Technologies with Risk-Sharing Agreements

Issue № 1 | 2014 (15)


In this article we discuss the funding of innovative medical technologies used for the treatment of high-cost and rare diseases focusing on risk-sharing agreements. We present the concept of such agreements together with their classification and analyze the differences between various models based on meeting financial objectives and achieving the desired clinical outcome. We demonstrate that various types of agreements differ in their approach to the problem of limiting the expenses related to high-cost therapy. Drawing on particular examples, this article analyzes the implementation of risk-sharing agreements in developed countries, the advantages and drawbacks of such models, and the difficulties with implementing similar agreements in the Russian Federation.


risk sharing, payment by results, risk-sharing agreement, innovative drugs, reimbursement system, framework for patient access.

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Fedyaev D.V., Maximova L.V., Omelyanovsky V.V. Funding Innovative Health Care Technologies with Risk-Sharing Agreements. Medical Technologies. Assessment and Choice. 2014; 1(15): 57–64.