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An Analysis of the Health Care System of the Leading Countries

Issue № 1 | 2014 (15)


This article describes three major health care models found in the leading countries and analyzes their respective strengths and drawbacks. In particular, we review the systems of national health insurance implemented in different countries, the principle and additional sources of funding for health care, including private health insurance, and consumer copayments for medical services and technologies. We demonstrate the impact of various forms of organizing health care and various ownership rights of health care providers on the quality of medical services and the effectiveness of allocating health care resources.


health care system, health care models, funding and organization of health care provision, private health care practitioners, state-owned and private hospitals, methods of paying for medical services, health care indicators, improving the effectiveness of health care spending.

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Maximova L.V., Omelyanovsky V.V., Sura M.V. An Analysis of the Health Care System of the Leading Countries. Medical Technologies. Assessment and Choice. 2014; 1(15): 37–45.