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Statistics in Cardiology. 15 Years Later

Issue № 1 | 2014 (15)


In 1998 our review «Application of statistical methods in cardiology (based on publications in «Cardiology» journal in 1993–1995)» has been published in the journal «Cardiology». Low level of statistics use and the description was ascertained. In this review we present results of the analysis of 150 articles published in another cardiology journal «The pathology of blood circulation and cardiosurgery» during 1997–2013. Also some publications from other medical journals are analysed. Examples of excellent and good statistical methods description and use are given. However incorrect description of statistical methods was found in most articles. Economic aspects of statistical methods improvement are considered in the specialsection of the article («Data + Statistics = Knowledge + Economy»). The measures aimed at the improvement of the statistical analysis in cardiology are proposed. Better quality and efficiency of the collected data implementation is the goal for such measures.


cardiology, biometrics, biostatistics, editorial requirements, medical economy, quality of medical technologies.

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Leonov V.P. Statistics in Cardiology. 15 Years Later. Medical Technologies. Assessment and Choice. 2014; 1(15): 17–28.